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Slay the Spire Is Coming to iOS Devices This Month

By tracy

Mega Crit Games has revealed that its popular card-based roguelike Slay the Spire is coming to iOS devices this month.

The news arrived in a blog post on Slay the Spire’s Steam community page. Mega Crit notes that more information will arrive during the Guerilla Collective Show on June 6th, but for now, the port has been confirmed. Slay the Spire on iOS will cost $9.99 at launch and offers “the complete, spire-climbing experience you have already enjoyed on PC.”

If you’re an Android user, you’ll also be pleased to learn that the game is headed to that platform in the future, although the team at Mega Crit is not ready to talk about a potential release date yet. It’s in the works, which is the main thing!

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The blog post offers a few screenshots from the iOS port for those interested in how the game will look on a touchscreen smartphone. We reviewed Slay the Spire back in January of 2019, calling the game an “extremely satisfying package.”

In more Slay the Spire news, check out this footage of the game’s developers reacting to the game being beaten in five minutes by a crafty speedrunner.

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Golf With Your Friends Review – Shoot Your Shot

By tracy

I’m on the 11th hole and the pressure is on. Getting a par here is going to take good judgment, skill, and a little luck. Besides the normal golf stuff, gravity-bending black holes also stand between me and the cup, but I just have to take them in stride; I know I can do it. Golf With Your Friends is an enjoyable minigolf adventure because it balances the absurd, the expected, and the unknown.

Combining a ball, a putter, angles, obstacles, and physics isn’t what makes this game stand out. What does is that on any given hole I was rewarded for my patience, planning (look around for different paths), and skill nailing the power gauge, but could also be surprised, both pleasantly and unpleasantly. However, I usually came away feeling that I could do it with more practice at the hole. The fine aim function gives you minute control when you need it, the underlying ball physics are reliable (both in how the ball bounces and the importance of angles), and holes’ pars are mostly realistic. Of course, it wouldn’t be minigolf if you could easily chart your way past every axe-wielding ghost, Indiana Jones boulder, pachinko-style tumbler; sometimes