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TorGuard VPN Review – IGN

By tracy
Orlando-based TorGuard provides a range of privacy protecting offerings, from an anonymous proxy service to anonymous email. In regards to virtual private networks, TorGuard has two products it promotes, a VPN and a streaming bundle that includes its VPN service. To make an apples-to-apples comparison with competitors’ like-priced offerings, we downloaded TorGuard’s VPN and put it to the test, but left its streaming product for another time. With all its various options, is TorGuard 2020’s best VPN for gaming or Netflix? Only tests can tell.

Design and Features

With access to more than 3,000 servers across 50 countries worldwide, TorGuard isn’t the most well-connected VPN on the market, but it’s highly customizable to let users make the most of what it offers. Allowing up to eight devices to connect to the service simultaneously, it supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, with native programs for each of the platforms. TorGuard advertises having browser extensions for Firefox and Safari, though in reality it doesn’t support Apple’s browser – though it does have a plugin for Chrome.

Though we didn’t specifically review TorGuard’s streaming bundle, it’s worth explaining here what the additional service offers over the regular VPN service. TorGuard’s website

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The Games Industry on the Best Games of the Last Decade

By tracy
Just over a decade ago, IGN ran two roundtable features; one that asked a broad panel of industry insiders to look back at the decade leading up to 2010 and one that charged them with prognosticating on what they thought gaming would be like in 2020. We recently revisited their 2020 predictions to see what the panel got right, what they got wrong, and what they were blindsided by – and the results were pretty interesting. Turns out a lot has changed in only ten years.We’ve now pulled together a new panel of more than 30 industry veterans to recreate the same concept, starting out with a look back at the last decade. In a previous feature, our participants told us what they think have been the most important changes in the games industry, and now we’re moving on to the best games and most memorable experiences.

Please note that we haven’t included all responses, and some responses have been edited for length.

In the first part of this feature, our roundtable members answer the question:
Lee Mather, Game Director, F1 2019, Codemasters: There have been so many outstanding games over the last ten years, and