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CyberGhost VPN Review – IGN

By tracy
Based in Romania and Germany, CyberGhost has been running its virtual private network since 2011, and has racked up more than 36 million users along the way. And with a full slate of apps and support for hardware beyond just computers, it’s obvious why CyberGhost has become so popular. But reviewing a VPN is about how well it performs, not just whether it will simply work for gaming, Netflix, or on an Apple TV. We downloaded CyberGhost and put it through a battery of tests to see if it was 2020’s best VPN.

Design and Features

With a slick, agile app that tucks away nicely in the taskbar and unfurls with options when needed, CyberGhost offers an excellent desktop interface for power users and casual web surfers alike. Simply click the slider button to activate CyberGhost’s VPN, and you’re instantly connected to and protected by one of the service’s 6,300 servers located in more than 90 countries, worldwide.

Like other VPNs, CyberGhost organizes its servers by geography, but it also highlights servers that are particularly good for downloading and streaming video, too – a nice, under-publicized feature. The service also boasts 256-bit encryption, protection from sketchy public Wi-Fi hotspots,

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Best gaming motherboards | PC Gamer

By tracy

Picking the best gaming motherboard can have a huge impact on any PC build. For a start it will determine which of the best gaming CPUs you can slot into your rig, and that will have ramifications on practically every aspect of your new PC.

The most important choice to make is going to be about who’s side you fall on in the great AMD vs. Intel debate. That will determine how much you’re going to spend on your subsequent CPU purchase, how much you really need to spend on a motherboard, and how much you’re going to have left over to spend on a quality graphics card.

AMD processors are cheaper on a per-core basis, and don’t need a super high-end board to deliver high-end performance. That means you can save some cash to spend on a better GPU. If you forget the value proposition for a minute then Intel’s chips offer the absolute best gaming performance. It’s important to note that for Intel’s 10th gen chips, such as the Core i9 10900K and Core i5 10600K, you will need a whole new Z490 or B460 motherboard. 

AMD has also just released its new B550 boards, offering

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Song Of Horror Review – A Frightening Ode To The Classics

By tracy

Good horror movies get under your skin, creating unsettling feels that linger long after you’ve left the theater or turned off the TV. The element of interactivity that video games offer can elevate those sensations even further. Knowing that the hero’s fate rests solely on your actions is a far cry from helplessly watching them get stalked by a killer and shouting at them to not go in that room. Song of Horror is an ode to classic survival horror that taps into what makes the genre resonate with fans who want to get in on the action. There are a few bum notes here and there, but it’s a tense bit of storytelling worth experiencing.

The “song” in the title refers to a piece of cursed music that purportedly drives its listeners to madness – and alarming acts of violence. Over the course of five episodes, publisher Daniel Noyer and a rotating cast of characters investigates the disappearance of a globe-trotting author who was researching the mysterious tune. This is definitely an experience in the style of old-school Resident Evil, down to the fixed camera angles and bizarrely conceived puzzles. A few lingering issues are tough to avoid, such