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F1 2020 Review – IGN

By tracy

Formula One is very much defined by its superstar drivers. Hamilton. Schumacher. Senna. These names loom large over entire eras of F1 racing. But while it’s the drivers that get the adulation, the legacies, and the lucrative watch endorsement deals, above all that Formula One is still a team sport.F1 2020 is without doubt the most superb interpretation of that yet, bringing a satisfyingly deep management angle to the most feature-filled Formula One game I can remember.Formula One really is much, much more than just driver versus driver. It’s organisation versus organisation in a chequebook-shattering technological arms race, and F1 2020’s fantastic new My Team mode is a wonderful and addictive representation of this war over precious milliseconds.

Leading by Example

My Team stands apart from past F1 career modes by casting players as not just a driver, but as a team owner, too. Where previously we’ve needed to choose and join an existing team as a driver-for-hire, and hop between them as the opportunities arise, F1 2020 allows players to follow in the footsteps of greats like Sir Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren and build their own personal race teams around them – all while still taking

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Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus Plays His Own Song In The Last Of Us 2

By tracy

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus has covered one of his own songs, Dammit using the simulated in-game guitar in The Last Of Us 2.

While streaming the game on Twitch, Hoppus spent time in the Valiant Bookstore noodling on one of the acoustic guitars Ellie can tinker with throughout the course of the game, and saw him cover Dammit, one of the most popular singles from Blink 182’s 1997 album Dude Ranch.

Hoppus manages to copy the four-chord structure from the strong by strumming on the DualShock’s touchpad, using the right stick to switch between the different chords in time with the tune. He also has a little sing-song to accompany his strumming (though he does need to ask the Twitch chat for the rest of the lyrics at one point).

As part of a merch drop to accompany the launch of the game, Sony collaborated with guitar company Taylor to create a set of custom instruments, including one that replicates Ellie’s in-game guitar and another that features Ellie’s tattoo as a motif.

The proper replica will run you $2,300, but bear in mind that that’s not so distant from the regular price range for Taylor guitars of this