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MSI Optix MAG301CR Review – IGN

By tracy
Super-high refresh rates have become popular in competitive esports-focused gaming monitors, but they’ve recently started to trickle down (or trickle sideways) to more casual gaming displays. The MSI Optix MAG301CR is one such monitor, which for $350, offers a 30-inch ultrawide display along with 200Hz of super-smooth motion.

Design and Features

On the surface, the Optix MAG301CR looks like many other gaming monitors: it has a tripod-esque stand with two large, pointed legs, a frameless bezel around three edges of the monitor, and a little bit of RGB lighting on the back that provides a very subtle glow behind the screen at night. It has a slight 1500R curve, cable routing holes, and the stand has full height, swivel, and tilt adjustments for optimal ergonomics. Apart from the RGB lighting – which is customizable through MSI’s software – it’s not a particularly flashy monitor. There are no stylish accents, and it’s not slim by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, some folks may find its stand too deep to fit comfortably on a small desk). Instead, MSI opted to keep things affordable and put all its value toward the internal specs.

Best Gaming Monitors

The 21:9 VA panel

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Boss Fight Gameplay Leaks

By tracy
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has suffered yet another leak ahead of the Ubisoft Forward conference this weekend, this time in the form of a lengthy boss fight.The new footage now circulating follows Eivor as they encounter and defeat Cordelia, one of the daughters of King Lerion. If that sounds familiar, you probably know these characters from Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear, which is based on the legend of Leir of Britain, who had three daughters named Gonorill, Ragan and Cordelia.

The fight appears to be far more on the mystical side of the Assassin’s Creed realism spectrum, and may well be activated similarly to AC: Odyssey’s fights against Cyclops world bosses. Cordelia is specifically referred to by Eivor as a “demon goddess”, wears a skull headdress and is peppered with arrows. In terms of abilities, she can teleport across the fighting arena in flashes of lightning, call in lightning bolts, and fire glowing copies of herself as attacks.The footage has a “work in progress” tag emblazoned on the screen, but here are some of the other details we spotted:

  • Valhalla includes a side quest system called ‘Mysteries’ for each section of the map. Aside from mysteries, there will also be ‘Wealth’
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Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise Review – Chasing Its Own Shadow

By tracy

Some people think the appeal of 2010’s Deadly Premonition boiled down to “so bad it’s good,” but I don’t think that’s accurate. Back then, a lot of us unironically loved the game. It had an earnest charm, conveyed through a unique small-town setting and memorable characters like FBI special agent Francis York Morgan. Yes, it had technical issues, but fans saw past them and developed a genuine appreciation for the gameplay and story. Unfortunately, that degree of goodwill is practically impossible to extend to this sequel; much like the victim at the center of its story, Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise feels like a lifeless relic frozen in ice.
The tale is split between two main sections. The first takes place in present day Boston, where a pair of FBI agents are investigating the recent reappearance of a murder victim’s missing body. As it turns out, this young lady was the central figure of one of York’s earlier cases, which took place in Le Carré, Louisiana. The agents are appropriately skeptical of York’s involvement, and his aversion to the color red and insistence on talking to an invisible fairy don’t do much to establish his credibility. These present-day