Day: August 3, 2020

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August 3, 2020 Off

Warframe’s Third Open World, Heart of Deimos, to Be Released on August 25

By tracy

Warframe’s third open world, Heart of Deimos, will be added to the game on all platforms on August 25, 2020, and brings with it a brand new way to customize your Warframe in the Helminth Chrysalis System, Necromechs, and much more.Revealed at TennoCon 2020, Deimos’ open world features a hauntingly-beautiful landscape that has been overrun by Infested enemies, the dark Entrati, and more “sights unseen in ever-changing underground cave networks.”

Players will also be able to “harness the power of the Void” with the community-designed Xaku, which also happens to be the second-ever Warframe to be “designed by the Tenno.”

Heart of Deimos will add more than just new Warframes, as players will be able to utilize new Necromechs that can be used in every open-world zone. These Necromechs are slower than a Warframe, but have a ton of firepower and defense.

One of the bigger additions is the Hemlinth Chrysalis System, which allows players