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Daily Deals: WD Storage Deals, Dragon Ball Manga Discount and More

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Welcome to the weekend, where the sun is bright and the deals are plentiful. If you’re looking for storage, Western Digital has some deals for you as both their External options and SSDs are on sale. Dragon Ball fans can get excited as the original manga has seen a huge cut in price for the weekend, and fans of Funko POP! can land a nice deal on their favorite collectibles over at GameStop.

Deals for August 8

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More Video Game Deals

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Walkthrough – Horizon: Zero Dawn Wiki Guide

By tracy

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Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough for Horizon: Zero Dawn. This guide covers everything you need to know about Aloy’s world. You’ll find details on every quest, including  recommended levels, rewards, and strategies on taking out tough machines. See the individual pages for videos, images, and more information. 

Below is  the walkthrough index for the Main Quests in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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Quest Recommended Level Rewards
A Gift From the Past
Lessons of the Wild
The Point of the Spear 3-5 1500 XP
1 Skill point
1 Generous Reward Box
Mother’s Heart 5 2000 XP
1 Skill point
The Proving 6 2500 XP
1 Skill point
The Womb of the Mountain 7 3500 XP
1 Skill point
PSI Overrides
A Seeker at the Gates 12 6000 XP
1 Skill point
The War-Chief’s Trail 7 1750 XP
Revenge of the Nora 11 4000 XP
1 Skill Point
The City of the Sun 12 6000 XP
1 Skill Point
The Field of the Fallen 17 6330 XP
Maker’s End 14 7000 XP
1 Skill Point
Into the Borderlands 15 5000 XP
The Grave Hoard 18 9000