Day: September 3, 2020

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Intel 11th Generation Processors Promise to Finally Bring Gaming to Ultrabooks

By tracy
Ultrabooks and mainstream laptops are about to get way more powerful now that Intel is introducing its 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors.The headlining feature of these chips is the new integrated Iris Xe Graphics. They’re designed specifically to challenge the Vega graphics on AMD’s Ryzen 4 mobile processors. To demonstrate this Intel showed how an (unnamed) Intel 11th Gen processor was able to run Gears Tactics and Grid at almost twice the frame rate as AMD’s 4800U processor.

Intel vs AMD running Gears Tactics

Intel 11th Generation processors are built on a 10nm architecture like the company’s previous Ice Lake CPUs, but Team Blue has also introduced a new SuperFin design that promises to deliver higher speeds at lower power levels. On the flipside, Intel said some of its new processors will reach up to 4.0GHz boost clocks, which is impressive for the thin and light class laptops.

Overall Intel is promising a 20% improvement in CPU performance and two times the graphical performance.

Aside from the boost in processing and graphical power, Intel’s Tiger Lake processors also add support for Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and PCIe Gen 4 support for SSDs.

Intel also rebranded

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Rocket League Won’t Require PS Plus or Nintendo Switch Online When It’s Free-to-Play

By tracy
Rocket League

is going free-to-play soon and as part of this new initiative, Psyonix is no longer making PlayStation Plus or a Nintendo Switch Online subscription mandatory for online play.In a new community update detailing the upcoming changes coming to Rocket League when it goes free-to-play, Psyonix confirmed that PS4 and Nintendo Switch owners will not need a monthly or yearly subscription to play online.This exemption does not appear to extend to Xbox Live Gold, meaning Xbox One players will still need a subscription to the console’s digital services to play Rocket League online.

Psyonix announced the move to free-to-play earlier this year. As the developer readies Rocket League to make that transition, there will be additional changes to how online content will work.

For example, Rocket League seasons will be more streamlined and the Rocket Pass, Competitive Seasons, and upcoming Tournaments will all share the same schedule. That means when the Competitive Season ends, so will the Rocket Pass and Tournaments mode.There will also be a new, highest competitive rank called Supersonic Legend. The current highest rank, Grand Champion, will be split into three Ranks, just like the others, and players will likely find that their Rank