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How to Play 2 Player Co-op and Multiplayer – Marvel’s Avengers Wiki Guide

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Marvel’s Avengers Multiplayer

There are a number of ways to play multiplayer in Marvel’s Avengers. You can play with a single friend and fill out the rest of your strike team with AI companions. You can fill an entire strike team out with friends. You can even fill your strike team with random players you’ve never met.

Mulitplayer is a large facet of Marvel’s Avengers but there are only certain types of missions that can be done with others. The story missions in the campaign are solo onlyyou can’t play with others during any of these.

Note: When you select a campaign mission after unlocking the War Table, the Enable Matchmaking button will always be present but always know that if a campaign mission is selected, there will never be matchmaking involved — those missions are single player only.

There are, however, multiplayer missions accessible from the War Table present in the campaign. Below is an example of what one of those missions looks like (notice that it says multiplayer):


DLC characters that are added to the game free post-launch will come with story missions that can, however,