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Xbox Says Developers Won’t be Limited by Series S

By tracy
The Xbox Series S is a lower powered console than the Xbox Series X, but Microsoft doesn’t think that will be a limiting factor for developers throughout the upcoming console generation. In an interview with IGN, Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald explained how the Series S’s powerful CPU and fast SSD will allow it to deliver the same game experience as the Series X, simply with scaled back visuals.“The core capabilities are the same between the two consoles,” Ronald said. “Variable rate shading, DirectX Raytracing, the entire Xbox Velocity Architecture – we wanted to make sure those capabilities were there, but ultimately, it’s within the developer’s control to do what’s right for their individual game.”

Xbox Series S and Series X Comparison Photos

Xbox Velocity Architecture refers to the NVMe SSD inside both the Series X and Series S, which will allow for drastically faster load times on the new consoles. In theory, it’ll also change how developers can approach things like level design, as things like long corridors and unnecessary elevator rides will no longer be necessary to hide the long load times required of slower old-gen spinning-disk hard drives.

“The areas that usually create the

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Xbox Series S: 8 New Details We've Learned

By tracy

With Xbox Series S now finally out in the wild, we’re learning more about exactly what form Microsoft’s lower-priced next-gen console will take, and how the company thinks of it amid the growing Xbox family of consoles.

In a presentation by Xbox System Architect Andrew Goossen and subsequent interview with Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald, we learned a number of new details about Series S, from how it’s always been a part of the plans for Microsoft, to the new features it will continue to get post-launch.

Check out the new details we’ve learned below:


  • Planning for Xbox Series X and S began in 2016, and Microsoft planned to release two consoles at different price points from the very beginning of that process.  The idea was always to have both offer the same core experience, while allowing developers to scale games to work on both models
  • Games on Xbox Series S should be around 30% smaller than their Series X equivalents due to reduced texture resolutions.
  • Microsoft doesn’t think Series S will limit developers as the console generation goes on, because of how the “core capabilities are the same between the two consoles” (per Jason Ronald), as