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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Still Available in the Final Hours

By tracy

We have now entered into Day 2 of the Amazon Prime Day 2020 Sale. Deals will run from now until October 14 11:59pm PST. You can still score the lowest prices ever on popular items like the Amazon Echo Dot or Fire Tablet, Sony 4K OLED TVs, Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox gift cards, hard drives and SSDs, Apple AirPods, Alienware gaming monitors, and much more. You can even score free money courtesy of Amazon. Even better, Amazon has stated that a brand new set of unseen deals will go up on Day 2. We’ll update this article as new deals come in and old deals expire, so keep checking back.

For Amazon Lightning Deals, it’s best to look for them directly on Amazon’s Prime Day hub page.

Our Amazon Prime Day Deals Top Picks

Here is our curated list of the top 20 best Prime Day deals that are in stock right now.

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More Amazon Prime Day Deals

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October 15, 2020 Off

Torchlight III Review – Seamless Destruction

By tracy

Torchlight III knows what it is, and embraces that identity. It’s not the biggest action/RPG on the market. It doesn’t have the most grim or mature setting, nor does it have the most complicated fictional backdrop. Instead, Echtra has crafted a buoyant adventure that joyfully hops players from one environment to the next, with barely a hitch of story or quest-tracking needed. The monsters are plentiful, the powers you wield are bombastic, and the unfolding battles fill the screen with colorful blasts and thunderous noise. The seamless nature of the action and leveling is just barely complex enough to demand your attention, making it a welcome fit for laid-back nights of escape, whether by yourself or with up to four friends working together.

Even as an enthusiast for gaming narrative, I skipped along the light storytelling of Torchlight III like a rock across water, vaguely capturing the gist of a tale set 100 years after the last game, with some bad guys from another dimension hoping to take over the world. The visual world-building is more robust, capturing a fun aesthetic mixing classic fantasy with clockwork/steampunk aesthetics. The result is a colorful setting filled with flashing elemental blasts and endless