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Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition Review

By tracy

Age of Empires 3 is the weirdest of the old-school RTS series – a game that, back in 2005, radically departed from the others for a different feel. Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition gives it new life, changing some things that begged to be changed and bringing the production values up to a much higher standard. It’s the Age of Empires update that will be least appreciated, but most needed, a remaster that adds new single-player missions and civilizations. It gives AoE 3’s unique twists on the RTS a new life. It also serves as a pretty sharp reminder that this is the most obtuse game in the series, because most of its clever tricks aren’t half as good as it thinks they are.

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition edition upgrades graphics, colors, and textures across the board, all the way up to 4K resolutions. The remade Home City screens are characterful renditions of cities from Amsterdam to Tenochtitlan, with stops in Beijing and Berlin along the way. It ran pretty well on my AMD 8350 and GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, with occasional hitching on eight-player matches and a handful of isolated crashes. A surprising bonus is how

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Elemental Weakness Chart – Genshin Impact Wiki Guide

By tracy

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Combat in Genshin Impact revolves around the idea of Elements. Normal Attacks from anyone but Catalyst users deals non-elemental damage by default, but by utilizing each character’s innate Elemental Skills and Bursts, they can deal Element damage, apply elemental effects, or imbue their weapons with elemental power, allowing their normal attacks to do finally get in on the action.

Elemental Reactions occur when two elements come into contact with each other. With 6 character elements and 7 elements existing in some form on the monsters of Teyvat, there are a lot of reactions that can take place, creating a complex and oftentimes confusing combat loop. Having a good grasp of the Elemental Weakness Chart can drastically speed up fights, prevent embarrassing deaths and, best of all, cause massive damage.


Throughout Teyvat, 5 Elements rule the roost; Pyro, Cyro, Electro, Hydro, and Anemo, and Geo representing Fire, Ice, Electric, Water, Wind, and Earth respectively. A sixth, Dendro, represents Nature, but is only found obstacles like shields and structures made of wood, as opposed to on characters and enemies.

The first four can be considered primary elements, reacting with each other in various ways.