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Daily Deals: Save on Wireless Headphones, 4K UHD TVs, Widescreen Monitors and More

By tracy

Welcome to our Sunday deals page! Today is all about home tech, with great deals on Sony and LG 4K UHD TVs, savings on home and on-the-go Audio products like headphones and soundbars, plus tons of other great deals on laptops, storage, RAM and more!

Deals for October 18

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This Gundam-themed PC hardware is so gorgeous we demand it gets released outside of Japan

By tracy

During a recent Republic of Gamers event, Asus showcased a bunch of high-end PC hardware decked out in Gundam digs, like the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 Gundam Edition graphics card pictured above. It is a fairly fleshed out lineup covering multiple graphics cards, motherboards, keyboards, mice, and even wireless routers.

Several of the products can be seen in a video on Bilibili (via @momomo_us) with an oddly satisfying piano arrangement playing in the background (better photos can be seen over at iHeat). The 3090 appears to be the same as the factory overclocked model Asus offers, with a 1,890MHz boost clock in OC mode and 1,860MHz in Gaming mode (up from Nvidia’s 1.7GHz reference boost clock).

The card will sell for 16,999¥ in Japan (around $2,540 in US currency), which is a pretty big markup over the regular version. Asus also unveiled a couple of other Gundam-themed graphics cards, including a GeForce GTX 1660 Super TUF Gundam and GeForce GTX 1660 Super TUF Zaku, the latter of which comes in a black and red color scheme.

Diehard fans of the anime series could pair one of these stylish GPUs with other Gundam-themed components, including a Maximus XII

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Amnesia: Rebirth Review – The Fine Line Between Fear And Frustration

By tracy

After archeologist Tasi Trianon’s plane crashes in the Algerian desert, she sets off on a journey across the sweltering sands in search of help. However, Tasi quickly discovers that there are holes in her memory. As she slowly uncovers the remains of her fellow party, she puts together the pieces of her fragmented past. Tasi’s suppressed memories are almost as horrifying as the ghoulish creatures that now stalk her from the shadows. Tasi’s journey is one of the most intense experiences I’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately, Amnesia: Rebirth’s puzzle design is equally as terrifying.

Much like in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, light is your greatest tool. As you help Tasi search for safety, you wander through desert caves, ancient burial tombs, and mysterious archeological sites. Light bounces around bizarre rock formations in unsettling ways and strange creatures skitter around inside the walls, which never fails to send a shiver up my spine. Almost all of the environments are dimly lit, so your tiny lantern and whatever dwindling supply of matches you scavenge from the environment are a constant comfort.


As you move through the darkness, Tasi’s fear levels rise. As they build, she begins to hear whispers in