Day: January 2, 2021

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Top TikTok 2020 Trends Include Fleetwood Mac, Terrible Zoom Coworkers, and Will Smith

By tracy
TikTok has revealed its top trends in 2020 and it features plenty of Fleetwood Mac, terrible Zoom coworkers, and Will Smith.TikTok’s Top 100, is an annual breakdown of the year’s top content creators, trends, videos, and more, and if you’re someone who’s scrolled through endless hours of TikTok this year, you may already know what’s at the top. The most viral video of the year came from Bella Poarch with her “M to the B” video.

Best TV Series of the Year 2020

“2020 saw an astounding number of videos go viral, entertaining millions and changing the lives of the creators who made them,” the TikTok Top 100 news release reads. “These 10 viral videos led them to become cultural moments, launch careers, and be forever immortalized on the TikTok Top 100 list.”

420Doggface208 holds second place with his video that launched cranberry juice to new heights. This TikTok creator longboarded to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams while drinking cranberry juice and it was the wholesome goodness the world needed this year. TikTok creator, itscaitlinhello, and her take on that one coworker we all hate during a zoom meeting was the third most-viral video on the app, followed by the

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Why I love Quirrel from Hollow Knight

By tracy

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The labyrinth that lies beneath the small bug town of Dirtmouth is a dangerous place. Exploring the ruins of Hollow Knight’s vast kingdom is an isolating experience, and running into the creatures living in these wastelands will almost always end in confrontation. 

Although the scale of these sprawling caverns is unnerving, exploration and discovery are the two main pillars of Hollow Knight. You have to embrace the feeling of getting a little lost and letting curiosity lead the way—even if it gets the better of you. Thankfully, you’re not alone in this pursuit. Throughout your journey you bump into another traveller on their own quest—Quirrel.  

He embodies the game’s sense of discovery wholeheartedly. His curiosity for the mysteries of Hallownest pulls him deeper into the kingdom for reasons he cannot explain. He’s a bit of a mysterious character, describing himself as more of an observer than a warrior, although he does carry a nail around for safety. Like many other characters in the undergrowth, he’s lost his