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Razer Kaira Pro Review – IGN

By tracy
The Razer Kaira Pro feels like a glimpse into the future of gaming headsets. Made to work with Xbox consoles, gaming PCs, and smartphones. it’s a multi-platform wireless gaming headset for the streaming age. Allowing you to quickly switch from an Xbox console to a simultaneously paired Bluetooth device, it’s the most viable console-mobile cross-platform headset I’ve tested to date. Though some of its features feel superfluous, such as the secondary mobile mic, I can see how I might use it with both consoles and phones interchangeably if streaming (and/or leaving the house) become more integral to my gaming life.Outside that specific lens, though, the Kaira Pro falters. Under ideal conditions, the sound is good, but not mind-blowing, and a laggy Bluetooth connection creates an extra hurdle for players streaming to emulate the console/PC experience on a phone. Even if its cross-compatibility seems appealing – given that most of us need to stay home as much as possible these days, that’s a big “if” – the Kaira Pro’s core competencies undercut what could be an impressive feature-set.

Razer Kaira Pro Review

Razer Kaira Pro – Design & Features

The Kaira Pro’s hard-edged top band and rotating forks

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CD Projekt Says Rumored Cyberpunk 2077 Development Details are ‘Simply Not True’

By tracy

A CD Projekt Red representative has deviated from company policy to say that widely-circulated rumours about development decisions on Cyberpunk 2077 from a purported developer are “simply not true”.Posted on GameFAQs, a forum post claiming to include comments from a disgruntled developer made multiple claims about cut content, code rewrites, pressure from company executives, and the game’s ongoing fixes, even adding the unexpected detail that the company’s original Johnny Silverhand was inspired by David Hayter’ Solid Snake and Cillian Murphy.

Responding to the thread on the CD Projekt Red forums, CDPR employee Vattier explained, “We usually do not comment on rumours, but this is simply not true.”CD Projekt Red has repeatedly refused to comment on rumours following the troubled launch of Cyberpunk 2077, making this a notable exception. Previously, CDPR had also broken usual policy to deny rumours of a final last-minute delay to the game.

Cyberpunk launched in a less-than stable state, particularly on consoles, which has led to much speculation about the game’s development – particularly after it received three delays ahead of launch. That speculation hasn’t been helped by some messy messaging around what happened