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Razer Seiren Mini Review – IGN

By tracy
Even though there are a veritable bushel of desktop microphones to choose from, most of them are high-end affairs, their sights set on gamers, streamers, and podcasters who want a premium audio experience. Whether it’s a Blue Yeti, Elgato Wave 3, or HyperX Quadcast S, most microphones are playing at the deep end of the pool. Razer’s Seiren Mini is relatively new on the streets, and this modest little mic is going head-to-head with the Blue Snowball iCE, one of the few desktop microphones that caters to the budget-minded streamer. Can the Seiren Mini deliver solid audio despite its $50 price tag? Let’s find out how well it serves the beginner and frugal streamer.

Razer Seiren Mini Review

Razer Seiren Mini – Design and Features

The Razer Seiren Mini looks like a prop you’d incorporate into a diorama of a late-night talk show set. The base is 3.5 inches in diameter and the mic stands all of 6.5 inches high, a full inch higher than the similarly height-challenged Rode NT-USB Mini. It’s available in three colors: black, white, and pink.

The pill-shaped mic is half grille, half enclosure, and apparently 100 percent plastic, from the

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Checking In On Games in Development Hell

By tracy

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game podcast. In the first episode of 2021, your Omega Cops — Daemon Hatfield, Tina Amini, Sam Claiborn, and Justin Davis — are talking more Cyberpunk now that we’ve beat it (no spoilers), games that are stuck in development hell (looking at you, Dead Island 2), playing Video Game 20 Questions, and more. The music in this episode is from Mega Man 5.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Review – A Good Deed

By tracy

Alba is an adorable young girl who can’t wait to spend a vacation with her grandparents on a scenic Mediterranean island. However, things take a turn for the dastardly when the small town’s mayor partners with a shady building developer to construct a massive resort on the site of a beloved nature preserve. Armed with her trusty smartphone, Alba embarks on an altruistic quest to photograph the island’s wildlife to remind residents of what’s truly at stake and garner enough support to oppose the resort’s development.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a wonderfully charming experience from Ustwo Games, the team behind the Monument Valley series. Instead of challenging players with M.C. Escher-style puzzles, it mellows them out with a relaxing, feel-good experience designed to promote conservation in an entertaining manner.


You spend much of your crusade taking photos of wildlife, and it’s a lot more fun than it might sound. Alba taps into the Pokémon Snap-like excitement of hunting down a critter, lining up that perfect shot, and filling out her wildlife journal. I found myself anxious to photograph every creature, and dozens of animals await Alba’s camera eye, some rarer than others. My excitement dulled over time, however, because