Day: January 17, 2021

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Daily Deals: Big Savings on RTX Powered PCs & LG Ultrawide Monitors

By tracy

This Saturday has brought along many great PC related deals for you to look at. There are a ton of entire pre-built machines on sale right now, including many that are powered by the latest and greatest RTX 3000 GPUs. If that’s not your thing, we also have a few other nice deals on Final Fantasy Art Books, an LG Ultrawide monitor and more.

The Best Deals for January 16th

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Dell and Alienware RTX 30XX Gaming PCs

Alienware gaming PCs are generally more expensive than most other brands, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality and customer support. Unlike most other vendors, Dell designs its own cases and cooling systems. Their desktops (especially the entire Alienware lineup) feature great build quality and brand-name components. Dell’s customer service is also considered one of the best in the business, especially if you opt for the higher tiered packages.

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HP RTX 30XX Gaming PCs

HP OMEN PCs offer high quality construction at a price that usually beats out most other competitors. Like Dell, HP designs their own chassis. The OMEN 30L and 25L gaming PCs are understated yet very well built. They’ve been …

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After Star Wars Battlefront 2 was given away by Epic, the servers crashed

By tracy

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store, but you might have trouble playing anything other than the singleplayer modes. Players have been seeing error codes 623, 918, and 721, all of which point to the same problem—no connection to EA’s servers.

EA has been working to fix the problem, as the EA Help Twitter account explained: “An incredible number of players have joined us during our @EpicGames Store free week and we’re scaling up new servers to welcome you all to the Battlefront.” 

Although a subsequent tweet suggested the problem had been fixed, saying that, “We’re happy to report the issue affecting #StarWarsBattlefrontII server capacity has been resolved”, players in the replies are still seeing the same errors. I just fired it up, and I couldn’t connect either.

It probably doesn’t help that Battlefront 2 offers double XP weekends, drawing back existing players as well as new ones. Plus,