Day: January 20, 2021

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This fan-made Skyrim trailer uses entirely AI-synthesized voice acting

By tracy

Access to good vocal talent can be one of the biggest hurdles for ambitious modders and machinima artists. Now, one Skyrim filmmaker hopes to make that hurdle a little easier to overcome by using entirely machine-learning synthesized dialogue in their Elder Scrolls fan trailer.

YouTuber Adriac has been making fan-films for everything from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare to HBO’s Chernobyl for about a year. But as spotted by PCGamesN, the amateur filmmaker’s latest is a break from the norm in that, rather than splicing together out-of-context voice lines, their Skyrim trailer features entirely new dialogue.

Without access to Bethesda’s vocal talent, Adriac instead remixed existing voice lines from across the developer’s catalogue using AI-powered synthesis tool xVASynth. Trained from audio pulled directly from the game, the tool lets you compile and tweak entirely bespoke lines of dialogue for Skyrim’s sorta-Scandinavian accented inhabitants. Within reason, at least—on Reddit, Adriac noted that anything over 5 seconds “makes the A.I crap itself”.

Now, I don’t think professional voice actors have too much to worry about. While it’s a hell of a feat, the audio still has the stilted, nasally quality of computer-generated audio, with a little bit of fuzziness