Day: February 1, 2021

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The best graphics cards in 2021

By tracy

The best graphics card is as intangible a commodity in 2021 as it was in the last few months of 2020. Stock is still tight, production remains constrained, and we have as much visibility over fresh cards coming into the channel as we do to the reasoning behind Jen-Hsun Huang’s vast spatula collection. It surely has to go further than, man likes to cook.

It’s been quite the circus if you’ve been looking for the best graphics card for your gaming PC over the last six months or so. With each passing generation throwing up new and exciting features, everyone wants a piece of the action. Unfortunately, this means the good GPU stock manages to fly off the shelves before anyone has a chance to check their bank balance.

Nvidia doesn’t expect to have normalcy return until May, at the earliest, and we’ve not heard one word from AMD on the matter…

Still, this year we find ourselves in the unprecedented situation where both Nvidia and AMD are offering up genuinely competitive gaming GPUs. The Nvidia Ampere generation offers a huge leap in performance over its previous architecture, with the Nvidia RTX 3080 and Nvidia RTX 3070 cards

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Olija Review – IGN

By tracy

If you have nostalgic love for old Amiga and MS-DOS sidescrollers, Olija is a game that practically demands your attention. Its striking minimalist art style is complimented by a fluidity of movement and realistic animations that will immediately bring to mind games like Flashback, Another World, or the original Prince of Persia. But even if you lack that frame of reference, Olija stands on its own as a 2D action game with exceptional combat, a chilling atmosphere, and a small handful of great boss fights that go a long way toward elevating its otherwise disappointingly short adventure above your average retro-themed platformer.

Developed by Kyoto-based Skeleton Crew Studio, Olija is a game with a story that’s simple but well told: our hero, a penniless lord named Faraday who finds himself marooned in a mysterious land, needs to rescue his shipwrecked crew and find a way back home. The only problems in his way are creepy black goopy creatures, hostile natives, and monstrous beings that have been awakened thanks to Faraday taking possession of a magical harpoon.

That harpoon is what drives the design of Olija, and it’s a large part of why combat and movement are so much fun. Much