Day: February 9, 2021

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Little Nightmares II Review – A Horrifying City For Lost Children

By tracy

A young boy awakens in a clearing, a disproportionally large television bathing the area an eerie cathode-ray-tube blue. This boy, Mono, will soon meet the hero from the first Little Nightmares – and also get an introduction to what he’s truly up against. In this world, you’re constantly underpowered and pursued by towering creatures who see you, at best, as vermin to be eradicated. It’s a masterfully executed sequel that shows that the first game wasn’t just a fluke.

I love Little Nightmares II’s structure, despite its awful inhabitants. It’s broken into several extended vignettes in which Mono and Six contend with an oversized monstrosity while trying to escape to the next area by solving puzzles and staying out of sight. The first game had memorable encounters such as with the janitor, who blindly groped around for Six with his horrifically elongated arms. I wasn’t certain if the follow-up would be able to capture those amazing designs or the dread they created. Those fears were misplaced. 

Little Nightmares II has even more ghoulish adversaries, including a teacher who made involuntarily blurt “Nope!” as soon as I understood what she was truly capable of. Part of the fun, if you’d call

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Blue Fire Review – IGN

By tracy

Few things are more important to a 3D action platformer than having movement that’s both fun and responsive, and Blue Fire takes that fact to heart. Its assortment of agile abilities not only look great in action, but also offer the kind of precise control needed to overcome its demanding enemies and obstacles alike. While there’s a bit too much reliance on retreading familiar ground by the end, its array of treacherous yet addicting challenge rooms had me happily running, jumping, and dashing through them again and again.

At first glance, Blue Fire bears resemblance to what Hollow Knight might be reimagined in a 3D space. It’s got plenty of familiar ideas: quickly dashing between platforms in an all-but-abandoned kingdom full of dark monsters, piecing together your mysterious tiny warrior’s purpose in the world, and striking at foes while bouncing off their head with repeated aerial slashes. The few scattered survivors that aren’t trying to kill you will often have small tasks to undertake instead – quests that are actually tracked in your log, which is something I’ve always wished for in games with sprawling worlds like this one. You can even find and equip Spirits (Blue Fire’s take on

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Silent Hill Composer Seemingly Teases New Game, Konami Denies Removing Interview

By tracy
Konami has denied that it asked for an interview with Akira Yamaoka to be removed after appearing to tease a new Silent Hill game.In a statement to IGN, a company spokesperson wrote: “”KONAMI did not ask Al Hub to take down the interview.”

AI Hub (which has not responded to a request for comment) previously wrote that it had been asked to take down the video – in which Silent Hill composer Yamaoka said a game fans were “hoping to hear about” would likely be announced this summer.

Many took the removal to have come from Konami, sparking more speculation that it was attempting to plug a leak. However, Konami’s denial may instead point to the removal request coming from Yamaoka himself.

Update 02/05/2021: An interview with Akira Yamaoka – which many have taken to be a tease for a new Silent Hill game – has been removed by its original publisher, AIHub.

In a statement, AIHub explained that it had been asked to remove the clip (but doesn’t specify who asked), and apologised for doing so.