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Persona 5 Strikers Review – A Powerful Other Self

By tracy

At the end of Persona 5, we parted ways with a terrific cast of characters we grew to love over the course of a 100-hour story. Last year’s Persona 5 Royal gave us an excuse to revisit that same adventure with additional content, but fans yearned for an all-new journey. Persona 5 Strikers reunites the cast from the original game six months later for an all-new trip across Japan. Even though it drastically changes a few key elements of the experience, it still feels like a true, compelling continuation of the game that stole RPG fans’ hearts nearly four years ago.

Many parts of the Persona 5 experience carry into Strikers; after hearing rumors of people abusing their power, you control the Phantom Thieves as you investigate the allegations before jumping to the cognitive world of the Metaverse to infiltrate their dungeon (which are called “jails” this time around) and change their hearts. Along the way, you fight through tons of Shadows as you progress toward the leader of the dungeon for a climactic showdown. While knowing the original game’s story enhances the experience, it’s not a requirement to enjoy Strikers. The familiarity of this formula is like a warm

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Deals: Secretlab Valentine's Day Gaming Chair Sale, PS5 Headset in Stock

By tracy

Valentine’s Day is on February 14, and it’s a good excuse for sales to happen. Secretlab’s Valentine’s Day sale kicked off over the weekend and you can save up to $100 off a wide selection of Omega and Titan gaming chairs. Amazon also brought back its Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on board games, video games, movies, and books (the board game category is the real jackpot). Score a Dell RTX 2070 gaming laptop for only $1099, an RTX 2060 gaming PC for $799, and more below.

Up to $100 Off Secretlab Valentine’s Day Gaming Chair Sale

We consistently rate Secretlab as the best gaming chairs in our tech roundups. Secretlab chairs offer premium materials and construction, an abundance of ergonomic and quality-of-life features, endless customization options, and great customer service for a very reasonable price. From now until Valentine’s Day, Secretlab is offering up to $100 off their highly rated Titan and Omega gaming chairs. Prices start as low as $399 and as always includes free shipping.

The Best Daily Deals for February 9

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Eric Song is IGN’s

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Epic’s new MetaHuman tool is pure uncanny valley

By tracy

Epic Games has unveiled a new tool designed for realistic character creation, and it can all be done in a browser. The MetaHuman Creator is powered by Unreal Engine and allows for scarily realistic human proportions and facial animations (thanks Verge). 

The main aim is to dramatically reduce the time studios spend creating and rigging realistic-looking humans, something which Epic says can take “weeks or even months,” saying on their website: “Bringing compelling real-time digital humans to life is incredibly challenging and time-consuming.

“It can take months of research, costly scanning equipment, and an army of tech artists. What if we could make the process radically simpler, faster, and more scalable—without compromising on quality?”

The MetaHuman can be used with motion capture data, and can be transferred across different creations. According to Epic’s ‘Meet the MetaHumans’ video, the tool has been tested across various hardware platforms, “from feature film to mobile.”

A second video demonstrates a ton of the customisation options available—from wrinkle sliders to hair texture ‘roughness’, with a tug and pull style editor a lá The Sims 4 allowing for fine-tuning of facial features.

It’s hard to deny just how accurate the MetaHumans look. They still suffer