Keep Your Google Account’s Data Safe! Here Comes the Tips.

The quality of the various services offered by VPN Google is hard to oppose to. Personally, in every day of my life I use their products. No matter it is Gmail or Google Map, there must be a tool somewhere on Google that provides the services that you want them to do.

Motto of Google may be “do not be evil,” but it’s also not a charity. Something has to be given in return to benefit from the useful service they offer. We don’t usually pay for Google services directly, but here there is something taking function as a kind of Faustian pact. By providing free services, in turn, Google gets interesting and useful information from you, like a data demon. This is used to make money through targeted ads and other methods that generates information from quantitative user data.
Do you know what kind of information Google collects? The time has come to regulate Google’s hunger for personal information. Here’s how to learn and do something about what information Google gets from you.
Take advantage of the “Privacy Checkup” function

Google provides a simple “Privacy Checkup” function that guides you through the most critical privacy decisions. This ensures you …