For those of you who just received a new PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or gaming PC for Christmas, or maybe just a gift card that you’re itching to spend, there are some great deals on video games right now. Some of these deals are on digital copies, which means you can buy them, download them, and play them right away. The best deals out there right now include a powerful CyberPower RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC for only $1250, Bandai Namco’s Steam Sale with up to 84% off some excellent titles like Code Vein and Dragon Ball FighterZ, and almost every PlayStation 4 Hits gaming title for only $9.99 each at Best Buy. These deals and more below.

CyberPowerPC Intel Core i7-10700F RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, 1TB HDD for $1249.99

This is the best price currently for a prebuilt RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC, but it won’t stay around for very long (in fact, it will probably sell out by the end of today). The RTX 3060 Ti is slightly superior to the RTX 2080 SUPER in terms of power and should be even able to handle games like Cyberpunk.

Get Bandai Namco PC Games for up to 84% Off at Steam

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Next-Gen PS5 Gaming Accessories at Best Buy

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PS4 “Greatest Hits” Collection for $9.99 Each at Best Buy

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More Video Game Deals

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