Disney has unveiled a reproduction lightsaber that routinely extends and lights up from its core. To reply the query prone to be requested first: You possibly can’t purchase it proper now. It is not clear whether or not or not the prop will ever be on the market. However you’ll be able to see what it appears like within the video above, which is kind of like a working lightsaber, or as shut to 1 as I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps the video has been labored on to make the prop look additional good, besides, it routinely extends and lights up brightly: two of the principle issues lightsabers do, together with reducing off palms and deflecting blaster fireplace. As Polygon (which noticed the teaser yesterday) factors out, Star Wars followers have to this point needed to accept retractable lightsabers which are lit from the underside, or fully-lit sabers that look extra like they do within the motion pictures however do not retract. This new mannequin seems to have all of it.

In regards to the lightsaber, Disney says, “Yes, that’s a new type of lightsaber Rey is holding in her hand, created by Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development,” but that’s about it. The prop will be used by actors at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney World in Florida, a two-night simulated spaceship stay opening in 2022. (“This isn’t storytelling—it’s storyliving.”)

How the lightsaber works isn’t known outside of Disney, but a 2018 patent provides the most likely explanation. The Disney patent describes a model lightsaber that operates by the same principle that allows a measuring tape to become rigid after unrolling.

The Verge explained the patent’s engineering last month, and the gif below from Disney and Star Wars fan Ben Ridout illustrates the concept effectively. (The mannequin will not actually use two measuring tapes, in fact. The purpose is simply that plastic strips can each be rolled up and develop into inflexible by forming half-circles.)

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If the prop actually appears nearly as good as Disney’s video signifies, persons are going to need it, so I believe there will be a means to purchase one—though perhaps Disney will preserve its patented lightsaber tech to itself for a number of years to hype up the Florida expertise.

The opposite query that continues to be is how sturdy the issues might be. If all it does is nail the lightsaber look, that’d be actually cool for followers and cosplayers, but it surely’d be much better in case you might really swing it round with out the blade flopping over. Maybe it is not promising that the actor within the teaser video stands fully nonetheless whereas holding the lightsaber, however it might not imply something.


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