How do you justify spending $600 on a motherboard alone? Most people don’t, but for those who are willing to pay that kind of premium, EVGA’s Z490 Dark Kingpin (because I refuse to type it as “K|NGP|N”) attempts to earn its high price by batting users over the head with overclocking amenities for their Intel Comet Lake setup, like a triple BIOS and dual DDR4 memory slots.

Wait, just two memory slots? (This is the last question I’ll ask, I promise. Cool with that?) Having just two DIMM slots is usually an indication of a small form factor (SFF) motherboard, but this one is actually bigger than even a standard ATX mobo, falling into the extended ATX (E-ATX) category, measuring 12 inches long by 10.89 inches wide (304.8 x 276.6 mm).

By tracy