These days the average Joe is favoring portability over power. Laptops definitely have more versatility when raw horsepower isn’t a factor. Gamers, however, are a different story. No matter how far gaming laptops have come, they still pale in comparison to the benefits of the gaming desktop PC. The advantages are numerous. A gaming PC is massively more powerful than a gaming laptop at the same price point. A gaming PC can be upgraded to keep up with the times. The vast majority of laptops cannot be upgraded other than the RAM and hard drive, thus locking you in until you buy yet another new laptop. A gaming PC gives you the flexibility of a better, larger monitor. Yes, you can attach an external monitor to your laptop, but then you’ve spent needless dollars on your built-in display. The gaming PC offers better ergonomics compared to your traditional laptop setup. Here are the best deals we’ve found on bona fide gaming desktops. We will update this article regularly.

Dell Gaming PC Deals

Anyone who can call himself or herself a gamer should be familiar with Alienware. Dell’s premier gaming lineup offers premium construction, top-notch components, tool-less case entry, and an industry best customer service, all at a very affordable price compared to other boutique gaming PC vendors.

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Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon Gaming PC Deals

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HP Gaming PC Deals

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Gaming Peripheral Deals

You need more than just your gaming PC to round out your workstation. Here are some current deals on gaming monitors, gaming chairs, VR headsets, computer components and peripherals, and more.

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PC Game Deals

What’s the point of getting yourself a nice gaming PC if you aren’t going to get any games. Here are the best sales we’ve found on PC games. Most are digital downloads so that they are playable as fast as you can download them. You’ll also need to download the appropriate client if you don’t have it already (i.e. Steam, Uplay, GOG, Origin, Rockstar, etc).

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