Rainbow Six Siege’s latest defender, the 3-speed 1-armor Thunderbird, has just about all the pieces going for her. She’s quick, carries an aggressive payload of both impression grenades or a nitro cell, and is coming into the sport with top-of-the-line weapons ever seen on protection: Finka’s Spear .308 assault rifle. After which there’s her main gadget, a bundle of autonomous therapeutic bots that may periodically restore 30 well being to anybody standing close to it.

That is lots of helpful stuff multi functional place, and some hours right into a closed preview session with Thunderbird, I used to be beginning to get nervous that she’ll be overpowered out of the gate. That could possibly be true (her Spear rifle stands proud like a sore thumb among the many dinky SMGs that the majority defenders are caught with), however I am not satisfied her Kona therapeutic stations will likely be as overwhelming as they initially appear.


By tracy