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This web page of IGN’s Murderer’s Creed Valhalla wiki incorporates information for acquiring the Trophy/Achievement, The Legend of St. Patrick, within the Wrath of the Druids DLC. That is obtained if you happen to kill the one snake in Eire. This trophy/achievement just isn’t locked behind any quests and is mainly out there upon your arrival in Eire, however you must at the very least full the Blood Bond quest to get your self settled in Dublin first.

The one snake in Eire is hidden in an deserted church within the Meath territory. The church is about 400m north of the Lisdurrow Buying and selling Publish, within the marshlands between Inchroe and Tara. If that is your first time visiting the place, it’s additionally the situation containing a Cursed Image. Try our information for all of the Eire Cursed Symbols.

Enter the church. Contained in the small room, you’ll discover plenty of jars and crates. The snake is inside one of many jars! Simply begin swinging your weapon to interrupt the jars, and proceed swinging to kill the snake earlier than it even has time to strike. The snake would not respawn after it’s been killed. Congrats! Eire is snake-free!

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