We often think about the evolution of the PC in terms of hardware, especially now, with AMD and Nvidia both on the cusp of releasing a new generation of GPUs. But on the software side, many of the the things we take for granted today—such as the Start menu, or y’know, not having to reboot your PC every single time you wanted to play a game—started with Windows 95. And Windows 95 turned 25 years old yesterday, so happy birthday to you.

Talk about feeling old—I was fresh out of high school when Microsoft released Windows 95 to the general public, way back on August 24, 1995. Back then, my IBM compatible PC, used mostly to play LucasArts and Sierra adventure games, was outfitted with an Intel 486DX2-66 processor. Intel had already released its first Pentium processors, but it wasn’t until 1997 that I made the jump myself, to a Pentium MMX 200MHz PC. Good times.

By tracy