MyWorld – The Action RPG Maker! Unleash your imagination with MyWorld and create, share & play amazing 3D adventures with our growing community.

No coding required!

MyWorld includes some great features:

Create your own RPG adventure
Build and mould your own worlds with great terrain and 100’s assets
Choose your role
Kick butt as a tank, Holy Paladin or weird bucket guy!
Steam workshop
Share your awesome games with the community!
An array of enemies
Gun-slinging Goblins, undead skeletons & Orc Chieftain!
Character Creator
Create and paint your own enemies and NPCs!
Exciting Combat with rolling, blocking, class abilities and different levels of difficulty
Tailor the play experience to the challenge you want
No coding required
You can easily drop in enemies, buildings, bosses, tell stories with our quest system, and link your worlds to form huge realms
World Painter
Paint any object in the world, no longer just the terrain!
Enormous amount of items to customise your characters with!
Great 3D assets
From Crypts of doom to the adventurers favourite Inn
MyWorld is an action RPG adventure creator with built in worlds, ready to be conquered and kick start your imagination
Solid multi-player means you can battle alongside or against your friends and foes with PvP and Co-Op modes
Invite players into adventures you’ve created, explore your friends worlds and share on Steam workshop
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Items include:
Wraith and Skeleton Statue to peer down on adventurers

'The Cursed Crypt', which has multiple rooms, grand pillars and an upper balcony.

Great for housing a Boss or for the centre of a graveyard!
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