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Daily Deals: Big PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Video Game Sale on Amazon

By tracy
For today’s spotlight deal, Amazon has dropped the price on several PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch games to match or beat some of the great deals we’ve been seeing from other vendors. Green Man Gaming has also followed suit with PC games. For those of you looking to upgrade your PC hardware, Dell’s Semi-Annual Sale is kicking off with some really great Alienware PCs, as well as the lowest price ever on, in my opinion, their best gaming monitor.

New Alienware AW3420DW 34″ 3440×1440 Curved 2ms 120Hz GSYNC IPS Gaming Monitor for $849.99

The previous low for this monitor was $999.99 on Black Friday. The new AW3420DW replaces the AW3418DW, which was considered by many to be the best gaming monitor. The AW3420DW improves upon its predecessor with a faster response time (2ms vs 4ms), better color rendition (98% DCI-P3 range, which is a stricter standard than sRGB), and a more modern body style that complements the newer lineup of Alienware PCs. It also retains the best features of the AW3418DW, like the 3440×1440 21:9 resolution, fast 120Hz refresh rate, GSYNC compatibility, and a superior IPS panel that delivers excellent viewing angles.

Big PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Video

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PlatinumGames Expanded So It Doesn’t Have to Turn Down ‘Fun Projects’

By tracy
Platinum Games, the Osaka-based studio behind Bayonetta and Vanquish, announced the creation of a new office in Tokyo that Platinum director Hideki Kamiya and COO Atsushi Inaba says will be staffed with “Crazy people who want to make games.”Currently, Platinum Games is sized at about 200 employees according to Inaba. The aim of the Tokyo studio is to bring aboard 100 more employees for a total of about 400. At the time of the studio’s announcement, Platinum said the Tokyo location would be working on different projects like live-service games.

But in an interview with IGN Japan, Inaba says another reason for expansion is just to work on more games in general, whether they’re original projects or partner projects.

Project G.G. (New Platinum Game) – First Images

“First of all, we do not have enough staff at the moment. It’s a nice problem to have, but we get a lot of work offers from other publishers, for example something like Nier Automata where we can collaborate on the publisher’s IP, or to make original titles for a publisher, and we are limited to how many projects we can take on. So there are a lot of projects that we have

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Journey To The Savage Planet Review – A Worthwhile Expedition

By tracy

Your adventure in Journey to the Savage Planet doesn’t start with much promise; as a member of the fourth-best company in space exploration, you arrive on a remote planet with lackluster equipment, incorrect intel, and insufficient fuel for the return trip. With so much going against you, it’s a miracle you can get anything accomplished. Thankfully, with a planet full of unique wildlife, fun discoveries, and plentiful resources, things aren’t so bad after all.

The titular savage planet you explore is AR-Y 26. This unassuming name hints at just how little your company thinks of the place. Much to your surprise, not only is it teeming with life, but a giant spire towers over your landing spot, indicating some form of advanced civilization. However, there’s no sign of that species anywhere, so your scouting mission quickly gets a secondary goal of figuring out what happened – a mission that becomes more enticing as you learn about the planet and the creatures that came before you.

The early objectives in this first-person experience are centered on getting your bearings and scanning the surrounding area, which is about all your equipment allows for. However, exploration quickly proves rewarding. For example, I found

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Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset Review

By tracy
Boutique esports brand Victrix makes some of the flashiest gear out there. Also, some of the most expensive. Its fight stick, the Pro FS, is the best out-of-the-box option on the market, but also the most expensive by a large margin. With the second version of its gaming headset, the Pro AF, Victrix hopes to engage a wider audience. To drop the price from $300 to $180, the new Pro AF drops the digital audio controller from the original model – now called the Pro AF ANC – and some of its high-end features, such as active noise cancelling and on-ear lighting. While the headset still looks good and has some interesting features, the drop hasn’t improved the headset’s appeal. In fact, now that it’s selling at a highly competitive price point, it’s clear that the Pro AF is not only designed for esports, it only works well in that context.

Design and Features

Like its predecessor, the Pro AF looks impressive. Combining a bold black and purple color scheme and faux-industrial look with sharp edges and exposed cords makes it simultaneously look “technical” and stylish in a “PC gaming chic” sort of way. The headband is made from

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Greninja Voted Most Popular Pokemon by Players

By tracy

After tallying “millions” of votes from around the world, Greninja has been named 2020’s Pokemon of the Year.The final evolution of Pokemon X and Y water-type starter Froakie, Greninja earned over 140,000 votes, topping second-place finisher Lucario by 38,000, according to The Pokemon Company. Mimikyu, Charizard, and Umbreon rounded out the top five.Aside from its recognition as a Stage 2 starter Pokemon, Greninja is a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is featured prominently in the Pokemon XY anime as Ash’s main companion in the Kalos region.

The top vote-getters from each region are as follows:

  • Kanto – Charizard
  • Johto – Umbreon
  • Hoenn – Rayquaza
  • Sinnoh – Lucario
  • Unova – Chandelure
  • Kalos – Greninja
  • Alola – Mimikyu
  • Galar – Dragapult

Other notable Pokemon in the overall top 30 include Bulbasaur (13), Pikachu (19), Eevee (20), and Blaziken (29).

The announcement comes on National Pokemon Day, which also featured the reveal of Zarude, a new mythical Pokemon for Sword and Shield.

Jordan is a freelance writer for IGN.

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Bloodroots Review – A Symphony Of Combos And Casualties

By tracy

At the heart of Bloodroots rests a classic Western story of revenge: Work your way through an army of henchmen to reach the person who left you for dead. Your bloodlust has no bounds, allowing you to kill with anything you can grab, be it an axe or even a carrot.

Bloodroots is gory, violent, and manic, yet every action is about pinpoint precision. While it may sound like your typical hack ‘n’ slash game, it’s all about making combo strings. If you are just a hair off in slaughtering a foe, you’ll likely take an axe to the head, and more distressingly, lose the huge combo death streak you chained together. From this unique gameplay hook, Bloodroots delivers enthralling and frantic fun where you start runs and chop the same enemies to bits over and over again to create a perfect run in hopes of raising your rank on the leaderboards. For the older players out there, the runs are similar in flow to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games where you’re striving for perfection. If you slip up just once, you’re back to square one to try again.

Each level (or run) lasts roughly a minute, yet you