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Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone Review

By tracy
As late-night hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers have proven throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t need a lot of technology to broadcast yourself to the world. They’ve often done it with little more than an iPhone, while podcasters and other content creators tend to rely on a decent desktop microphone. For years, a small handful of USB mics have ruled the earth. Now, established audio brand Rode is trying to make some room for itself on your desktop as well. Is the Rode NT-USB Mini a worthy competitor to microphones like the Blue Yeti? Let’s find out.

Design and Features

The first thing you notice looking at the NT-USB Mini is just how “mini” it actually is. Standing just 5.5 inches high and sitting on a base that’s 3.5 inches in diameter, it seems more like a scale model of a microphone than a functional desktop mic. In fact, set the mic next to the Blue Yeti (which admittedly is needlessly oversized), and the difference in stature is almost comical.

And while there is a non-mini in the Rode lineup, the NT-USB Mini is not just a shrunk down version of the larger NT-USB; it’s an entirely

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Jessika is a Her Story-style FMV mystery about a young woman’s suicide—or murder

By tracy

Full-motion videogames (FMVs) have a pretty bad rap in the game biz, and let’s be honest: It’s well deserved. As we said back in 2015, they were “the worst of all worlds,” with limited storage, limited budgets, and limited acting ability. But the genre has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years, kickstarted largely by the success of Her Story, which received acclaim when it was released in 2015, and the 2019 followup Telling Lies.

Jessika, announced today by Assemble Entertainment, bears a strong resemblance to those games—in fact, Assemble CEO Stefan Marcinek made a direct comparison to both. After the death of a young woman is ruled a suicide by police, her father—convinced that something far more sinister is going on—hires you to investigate and uncover the truth. Using only your laptop, you’ll dive into her online life to follow trails of keywords, uncover clues, and piece together the truth of Jessika’s life and untimely death.

The game is being developed by Tri Trie Games, a “micro-indie” team team of three developers based in Cologne, Germany. In 2018 it was nominated for Ubisoft Blue Byte’s Newcomer Award, which aims to give a leg up

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Streets of Rage 4 Review — Return To The Old-School Neighborhood

By tracy

To me, the brawlers of the ‘90s represent the perfect arcade-style experience. They are easy to pick up and play, difficult to master, and full of nonstop action. Even though the Streets of Rage series technically wasn’t in arcades, Sega’s original Genesis trilogy embodies everything that made this genre so popular in its heyday. Now, 25 years since the last installment, Streets of Rage 4 remains devoted to that specific tradition – a fact that elevates this sequel while also dragging it down.

Streets of Rage 4 uses the classic games as templates, borrowing the structure and concepts to assemble an experience that feels like a natural successor. You (and your co-op friends) clean up crime in a grimy city by beating up an array of punks and toughs. Walking through a series of side-scrolling stages, you lay down the law with punches, kicks, throws, and special moves – with a little help from health-restoring food you eat off the ground.

The action looks and feels great, with satisfying impacts every time you land a blow, and enemies flying across the screen at the end of a combo. The slick new visual style gives the world and characters a different

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Daily Deals: Save 40% Off a 1 Year PlayStation Plus Membership for PS4 (Uncharted 4 is Free for Members)

By tracy
Today’s spotlight deal is a hefty discount on a PS Plus membership. It’s a perfect time for the membership to go on sale, not only because most of us are stuck at home, but also because Uncharted 4: A Thieves End is one of the PS Plus freebie games for this month. Also, here’s a rare opportunity to sign up for a TIDAL membership for a mere $1 a month. TIDAL is a music streaming service that offers high-fidelity (up to lossless quality) audio.

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PS Plus membership discounts only happen a few times a year so grab this deal when you can. This membership lets you play games online (absolutely necessary for games like NBA 2K20, Madden NFL 20, FIFA 20, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more). You’ll also get PS Plus exclusive discounts at the PlayStation Store as well as new free games every month. For example, right now PS Plus members get the outstanding Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0 for free. Best of all, it’s email delivery so you’ll get your code within 24 hours.

TIDAL 4-Month HiFi Music Streaming Plan for

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Bosses – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide

By tracy

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FF7 Remake Boss Guides[edit]

Click through the slideshow above to see images of all the bosses!

Below is a list of the bosses you’ll encounter in order, along with images and when you’ll meet them.
Scroll carefully to avoid spoilers!

The first boss you’ll encounter is Scorpion Sentinel in Chapter 1 – The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1.

Here are some quick tips for your encounter:

  • Make use of Barret’s long-range attacks when the Sentinel gets jumpy.
  • Use regeneration item or healing spells while you’re hiding in the second phase of the fight.

For a full guide, visit How to Beat Scorpion Sentinel – Boss Guide and Tips or check out the video below to see how we beat it:


The second boss fight is with Roche (Motorcycle) in Chapter 4 – Mad Dash.

Quick Tips for fighting Roche (motorcycle):

  • Don’t forget to use targeting with L1 and Triangle to perform long-range attacks
  • Give yourself plenty of space to dodge attacks
  • Use speed to your advantage when trying to dodge attacks by either slowing down or speeding up at the right time

For a full guide, visit

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MotoGP 20 Review – Tough Turns

By tracy

I’ve played many racing games, but MotoGP 20 is a new kind of challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. The high-speed, demanding bikes require a slightly different approach from the traditional race car techniques I’m accustomed to, breeding an internal competition for understanding and mastery that leads to a heightened tension on the track. This creates an appreciation for the bikes – their power and handling – that is a welcome change from getting behind the wheel of just another race car.

The need to make your rider lean into the corner to turn the bike and fight centrifugal force – with two wheels underneath you – is an added dimension that makes cornering feel different than in a car. Fine tuning your line through the corners is harder because even slight aberrations in your speed or lean can easily change your arc and cause you to lose speed. Just winging it or finessing the corner is more costly than in a normal racer. The satisfaction for a smoothly taken corner – or succession of corners – is truly its own kind of reward. And when it didn’t go well for me, I was thankful for the rewind feature that lets